Discover the next generation of video endoscopes: i20c

The PENTAX Medical i20c video endoscope series supports procedures with superior vision and ergonomics.

Healthcare professionals can instantly benefit from uncompromising vision and maneuverability in detection, diagnosis and therapy.

Its clarity and visibility with highly detailed images help physicians to improve clinical outcomes.

The new, unique control body and lightweight connector were designed to optimize workflows. And with the adjustable stiffness, combined with i-FLEX™ and TrueTorque™, physicians can adapt easily to any situation or anatomy.

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PENTAX Medical EG29-i20c gastroscope

PENTAX Medical EG29-i20c gastroscope

i20c endoscopes are full of advantages

Lightweight global connector, one-handed operation, sealed for easy reprocessing

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Adjustable stiffness (colonoscopes only) adds to well proven TrueTorque™ and i-FLEX™ technology

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Easier control during procedures due to new ergonomic control body, steering wheels and valves

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Stunning clarity and visibility with highly detailed images

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Outstanding maneuverability and accessibility due to 210° (up) tip angulation also in i20c colonoscopes

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Stunning clarity and visibility

The i20c endoscope series offers uncompromising vision, supported by latest image enhancement technology.


Images courtesy Prof Timo Rath, University of Erlangen, Nuremberg, Germany  

i-scan optical enhancement with EC38-i20c

 EC38-i20c, supported by the unique TwinMode

Whitelight endoscopy with EC38-i20c

Whitelight endoscopy with EC38-i20c

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Easier control and less fatigue during long procedures

The new ergonomic control body of the i20c series features optimized steering wheels for better access and endoscope handling.

The control body size was optimized as well, aiming for a stressless usage for all hand dimensions.

Air/water and suction valves were improved for smooth operation.

The positioning of the remote buttons were rearranged and optimized for easier access and operation.

Based on an evaluation of hand dimensions

In a user-focused evaluation1), the average hand and finger dimensions were measured to optimize the control body's fit:

Finger-optimized spokes require less force to move the distal end.

Lower, flatter steering wheels for tip angulation were shaped to improve access and operability.

It all comes down to a control body that supports physicians during long procedures with less straining manipulations.


1) Evaluation was conducted 2019 with 42 probands, reflecting potential gender and geographical considerations.

Lightweight global connector for fast, safe one-handed operation

The characteristic plug-shape ensures a fail-safe connection. 

The connector is sealed for an efficient reprocessing with no need for soaking caps.

Its release button enables single-handed operation and unplugging.

We reduced weight and size of the connector to allow for easier overall handling.

PENTAX Medical i20c lightweight connector

210° (up) tip angulation for outstanding positioning 

210° (up) tip angulation in our gastroscopes and colonoscopes to enable detection and resection of even hard to reach lesions.

Excellent maneuverability due to 210° deflection and minimized bending radius.

Advanced therapy: Combining flexibility 
of the endoscope tip and stability of the 
endoscope body.

Advanced orientation and detection due to deflection, up to 4K resolution and excellent LED illumination in combination with i-scan.

Adjustable stiffness to adapt to any given situation or anatomy

The i20c generation of colonoscopes offers a further improved insertion tube: It lets you adjust the endoscope rigidity, flexibility and torque to support you ideally in each kind of anatomy and situation.

Graded endoscope flexibility to ease the maneuverability and help to reduce loopings

Delivers a higher tactile feel with the endoscopes, supporting a predictable movement

Adjustable stiffness
Rigidity of the insertion tube can be adjusted for individual patient's anatomy

Technical Specifications

Parameters EG29-i20c EC38-i20c
Direction of view Forward Forward
Field of view 140° 170°
Dept of field 2 – 100mm 2 – 100mm
Tip angulation up – down 210°/120° 210°/180°
Tip angulation right – left 120°/120° 160°/160°
Distal end width 9.9mm 13.2mm
Insertion tube width 9.8mm 12.8mm
Minimum working channel width 3.2mm 3.8mm
Insertion tube working length 1,050mm 1,300/1,500/1,700mm
Forward water jet Yes Yes
Adjustable stiffness Yes
Lightweight connector Yes Yes
Compatible video processor PENTAX Medical
PENTAX Medical

Learn more about the PENTAX Medical i20c video endoscopes

PENTAX Medical EG29-i20c gastroscope

EG29-i20c gastroscope

Discover the next generation video endoscopes with superior vision and ergonomics:

  • Stunning clarity and visibility with highly detailed images
  • Outstanding maneuverability due to 210° (up) tip angulation and minimized bending radius
  • Adjustable stiffness to adapt to any give situation or anatomy
  • Optimized ergonomics for easier control and less fatigue during long procedures
  • Many more advantages to explore

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Inspired by the PENTAX Medical Triple Aim

i20c endoscopes aim to support healthcare professionals in detection, diagnosis and therapy better than ever. Physicians can instantly benefit from uncompromising vision and maneuverability.

The i20c endoscope generation has been designed with superior ergonomics for medical professionals who spend countless hours working with it. Its adjustable stiffness and the advanced imaging have the potential to improve the quality of procedures.

The new, unique control body and lightweight connector of the i20c endoscopes are designed to optimize the workflow.